Strategic goal 5: Improved conditions for the development of healthcare sector

Indicators: Joint group of the Ministry of Health Care and Ministry of Economy established as a mechanism of continuous public private dialogue, holding at least 2 meetings annuallu during the 2019-2021 period

Result Indicator Activity Year
1. Improved public private dialogue and legal framework related to healthcare 5 recommendations from Grey Book of Healthcare implemented Established mechanism for public private dialogue in the field of healthcare Prepared at least 2 positions of the Alliance (policy brief, proposals for sectorial improvements etc.)
1.1 Promotion of the Grey Book of HealthCare before line ministry, line institutions, Parliamentary board and the general public. 2020
1.2 Coordination of Healthcare Alliance which provides proposals for amending regulations and defines the joint positions of the Alliance. 2020, 2021
1.3 Implementing at least one project in the field of healthcare with the aim of improving business engagement in planning and implementing the healthcare system reform. 2021
1.4 Advocacy and support in realization of recommendations from the Grey Book of Healthcare and monitoring their implementation on an annual basis. 2020, 2021
1.5 Preparing a set of urgent measures for better functioning of the healthcare system during emergency situation and communication towards the Crisis Unit, the Government and the general public. 2020
1.7 Monitoring and reporting on new regulations in the field of healthcare, comparative analysis in relation to NALED's views and recommendations, reporting through Quarterly report and other publications. 2020, 2021
2. Optimization of procedures and reduced administrative burden to businesses Improved IZIS by 2021 Optimization of a set of procedures related to the placement on a List of Medicines performed by 2021
2.1 Support for optimization of at least one procedure related to the List of Medicines in line with NALED's previous analysis and recommendations 2020
2.2 Support for the establishment of digital procedures in healthcare. 2020, 2021
2.3 Preparing recommendations and advocating proposed measures for a better response of the healthcare system tduring and after COVID-19. 2020
3. Improved financing and availability of healthcare Adopted Optimization Plan for healthcare institutions network in 2020 Amended regulations, which enable people with mandatory healthcare insurance to use healthcare services in private practice, are consistently applied by the end of 2021.
3.1 Support in definining the model for resolving debts of healthcare institutions and pharmacies on the local level 2020
3.2 Designing an analysis of the current healthcare financing system, with recommendations for improvement. 2020
3.3 Prepared analysis and launched initiative for equalizing private and state healtchare service providers 2021
3.4 Prepared proposal of the Optimization plan for the healthcare institutions network based on the analysis of current situation and needs, comparative analyses and best practices in the region and globally. 2020
3.5 Prepared communication strategy and the plan of public private dialogue about the optimization of healthcare institutions network. 2020
3.6 Public private dialogue about the proposed optimization of healthcare institutions performed - at least three round tables with all key stakeholders. 2020
3.7 Digital campaign performed with the aim of informing and engaging the citizens with regards to the optimization plan. 2020
3.8 Prepared Decree about the Network plan, the Regulation on Minimum Requirements for Performing Healthcare Services and designed draft by-laws in cooperation with the Second Healthcare Project and the Ministry of Health. 2020
3.9 Support in implementing the optimization plan for the healthcare institutions network. 2021

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