Welcome to the election session of Healthcare Alliance in digital form!

Within the electronic session, full members of NALED that take part in the Alliance can opt for the key reform priorities for the new Government and vote for new Presidency of the Alliance.

Members can take part under the principle "one member - one vote", meaning that one representative per organization can take part in the voting, in this case, the first one to use this right on this webpage, during the period from 3 to 7 October 2022. 

To vote for the Presidency, you should distribute the votes (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) across five candidates you wish to support. The voting is completed only upon clicking the button “Vote” at the bottom of this webpage.

The voting results and the newly elected Presidency will be presented at the consitutional session during October/November.

1. Survey on prioritety reform initiatives

To set the course of activities, we invite you to fill in a short survey and nominate up to three key reform initiatives for the new Government the Alliance should advocate in the year ahead. 

2. Candidates for the Alliance Presidency

The Alliance Presidency is elected for a period of two years. The candidates with the largest number of votes will form the Presidency and elect the future President among themselves.

Candidate biographies are listed alphabetically, by name.

Dejan Pešić

Dejan Pešić

Medigroup SEE


He graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade and obtained an MBA in International Economics and Management at the prestigious Boc...

Lidija Dimitrijević

Lidija Dimitrijević


Deputy Mayor

She was born in January 1976 in Leskovac. She attended elementary school and high school in Leskovac. After that, she completed her studies at the Facul...

Una Ljubičić

Una Ljubičić


Rare Disease Lead Adriatic region

Una Ljubičić is a doctor of medicine, with an MBA degree in General Management from the University of Sheffield. Una is the Director of rare disease p...

Vladimir Tipsarević

Vladimir Tipsarević

Novo Nordisk Pharma

Public Affairs Director

Vladimir Tipsarević started his career at Ministry of Finance in 2003. During 2007-2018 period he was in Japan Tobacco International (JTI), responsible...

Vukašin Radulović

Vukašin Radulović


Partner at Heliant

Vukašin Radulović is the founder of the companies Infolab and Heliant, specialized in the field of information technology, especially in the fie...

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