[RTS] NALED has presented the 14th Grey Book

The new edition of NALED's Grey Book has 21 new and 79 existing recommendations for reducing bureaucracy and improving the business environment. Is this data encouraging us, did the pandemic help us, and if so how, and did environmental protection and healthcare become the biggest challenges for the future, we asked Violeta Jovanović, Executive Director of NALED, who spoke about reform priorities for the new Government as a guest on the RTS morning show.

Speaking about this year's edition, she pointed out that the Gray Book is a collection of concrete, practical and applicable solutions for reducing bureaucracy.

- The fourteenth edition brings 100 recommendations for reform-oriented decision-makers, who want to improve the business environment with harmonized and balanced solutions, supported by NALED. What is also important is that we have 10 highlighted priorities in each Grey Book, including the introduction of the eAgrar platform, the improvement of the public procurement system, the regulation of flexible forms of work, and many others, explains Jovanović.

Commenting on the process of accelerated digitalization caused by the pandemic, she emphasizes two systemic changes that have taken place in the finance department, all concerning the introduction of electronic invoices and eFiscalization.

- These are recommendations that have been a priority for NALED members and businesses for many years. From May this year, paper invoices will be history, 130,000 entities from Serbia will have greater security of collection, the state will have greater transparency of payments, better control over financial flows in the economy, and better tax collection concluded the Executive director of NA

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