Key results

Efficient public administration » 155 Grey Book recommendations for cutting the red tape have been implemented » Stamp use abolished » eArchiving and eDelivery introduced » Business environment improved in 100 cities and municipalities of South East Europe through BFC certification

Safe investments » Electronic construction permitting system introduced, facilitating up to 145,000 electronic requests annually » Cadaster reform enabled property registration within 5 days via eCounter which is used by 500,000 citizens and businesses a year

Fair competition » eInvoicing and eFiscalization introduced » eInspector system enabled coordination of 38 state inspections » Improved system for electronic public procurements and registration of bidders involving 15.000 businesses

Predictable business » Transparency introduced for 100,000 flat-rate entrepreneurs through online calculator of flat-rate tax » 138 para-fiscal levies abolished, and online register developed identifying 2,000 fees and charges paid by citizens and businesses

Empowered businesses » Grants worth 3,000,000$ allocated for local innovators and entrepreneurs » Subsidies obtained for introduction of cashless payments at 25,000 POS terminals in small shops and institutions

Strengthened agriculture » Electronic registration of seasonal workers introduced in agriculture, helping legal employment for 34,000 people » Improved legal framework for registering more than 370,000 agricultural households and awarding subsidies

Healthy economy » Healthcare Digitalization Program adopted, introducing unique eRecord and eSickLeave » Circular Economy Development Program adopted » Improved primary waste selection on the local level and 600 glass recycling bells installed 

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