Key results

Improved global competitiveness - Serbia in top 50 countries  
NALED prepares reports on implemented reforms and provides expert support to the Government in defining and implementing action plans for improving Serbia's position in the World Bank's Doing Business list which led to Serbia's progress from 93rd position in 2014 to 44th rank in 2020. 

Shadow economy reduced by 27%
As the coordinator of the Government's Joint group, NALED is in charge of developing and monitoring the implementation of the National program for countering shadow economy, which contributed to reducing the shadow economy among registered businesses from 21.2% to 15.4% of GDP in the period from 2012 to 2017.

Improved construction permitting by 94%
NALED had the key role in devising and implementing the construction permitting reform. The World Bank evaluated this reform as one of the major reforms internationally, which led to Serbia progressing from 186th position and the back of the list in this category, to being ranked 10th in the world, in only three years (from 2015 to 2018).

Improved business environment in 90 cities and municipalities of SEE 
Together with institutions from South East Europe, NALED has developed the Business Friendly Certification (BFC SEE) program – the first joint standard and mechanism for improving and aligning the business conditions in the region, implemented in more than 90 local governments in Croatia, North Macedonia, BiH, Montenegro and Serbia. 

More efficient registration of seasonal workers - number of registrations rose by 600%
NALED initiated and devised the reform of the process for hiring seasonal workers in agriculture, took part in drafting the new law, developed the software and mobile application for electronic registration. During 2019, the time needed for registering seasonal workers has been reduced from five hours to 10 minutes, while the amount of taxes and contributions has been lowered by third. The web portal and application have increased the number of registrations by 600%

138 para-fiscal charges eliminated and 101 procedures reformed 
NALED developed the first registry of fees and charges in Serbia (2012.) thus contributing to elimination of 138 para-fiscal charges. During 2018, the association participated in drafting the Law on Fees for Use of Public Goods, listing 1,037 non-tax charges. Since 2008, NALED published 11 editions of Grey Book with 250 recommendations for cutting the red tape, of which 101 was adopted. 

Registration of property enabled via a single counter in 5 days
NALED provided a significant contribution to real estate cadaster reform in Serbia, enabling citizens and businesses to register ownership with a single visit to a public notary, instead of previous six visits to various counters. NALED participated in drafting the law, coordinated the work of line institutions in aligning the sectorial regulations and organized training for 2,500 public officers. Since the one-stop shop was established, the average time for processing applications has been reduced from 25 to 5 days, and there have been 300,000 applications registered during the first year of operation. 

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