Membership benefits

Gathering nearly 340 members and an expert team of 100 employees, NALED initiates changes and supports the reforms to facilitate the work of businesses, improve the efficiency of state administration, and enhance the quality of life for citizens. Engaged members enjoy numerous membership benefits while supporting NALED's mission.

Participation in reform initiatives
By actively engaging in NALED's Alliances, members play a vital role in shaping reforms, formulating public policies, and fostering dialogue with the Government across various sectors such as environment protectioncombatting shadow economyfood and agriculturehealthcareproperty and investments, and the development of eGovernment. Our members have an unique opportunity to participate in shaping Serbia's regulatory reform program through NALED's Grey Book of Regulations, and to implement reforms trough joint projects, and initiatives.

Participation in regulation development
Members have the opportunity to actively contribute to the formulation of legal solutions, leveraging NALED's participation in over 70 government working groups involved in drafting regulations and strategies. These areas encompass combating shadow economy, enhancing competitiveness, advancing electronic administration, digitizing healthcare, promoting innovation, and more. In its commitment to transparency, NALED has crafted monitoring tools, including the Quarterly Report on the Quality of the Regulatory Environment and the Regulatory Index of Serbia, to offer both members and the public valuable insights into the regulatory process and its implementation.

Participation in projects and inniatives
Members actively drive and execute projects crucial for local self-governments and the economy in collaboration with NALED, that has, since its establishment in 2006, successfully implemented over 240 economic development projects, receiving support from international partners such as USAID, GIZ, EU, SIDA, EBRD, SDC, World Bank, British Embassy, UNDP, and committed members like Philip Morris International (PMI), Mastercard, Visa, Telegroup, Saga, Ball Packaging, Sekopak, Mercator-S, Faculty of Geography, and others. Additionally, through the online Fund Database, NALED equips its members with up-to-date information on existing opportunities for project financing from domestic, bilateral, multilateral, and EU funds.

Promotion and public image enhancement
NALED's initiatives and gatherings unite leaders from the government, business, international community, and diplomatic core. These events offer a distinctive platform for our members to showcase and enhance the visibility of the organization, positioning it prominently in public, business, and professional spheres.

Practical training and development
NALED organizes training sessions and consultations tailored for both public and private sector members, focusing on the effective implementation of new legal solutions and software. Areas covered include eInvoices, cadastre registration, construction permits, seasonal worker recruitment, public procurement for bidders, application of modern technologies on premises, information security, eArchive, and office management. Additionally, NALED consistently updates members on opportunities for subsidized professional training, both domestically and internationally.

Access to online services and databases
NALED members enjoy exclusive access to a comprehensive repository of vital information consolidated in one platform. This includes members only online services and databases crucial for business operations: member databasefunds and investments informationtraining resourcesworking groups on regulatory changespublicationsnews clippings, and the NALED exchange.

Synergy of Impactful Membership 
NALED stands as the sole association in Serbia that brings together business, local self-government, and civil society leaders, collaboratively striving to enhance both the economic and social landscape. Meet our respected members and join a dynamic successful community.

Networking with decision-makers
Members enjoy the privilege of engaging in over 170 events annually, including conferences, roundtables, work meetings, seminars, and training sessions. These opportunities, provided either for free or under preferential conditions, allow members to expand their knowledge and establish connections with leaders from domestic and international institutions, donors, business figures, mayors, and representatives of the academic community.

It is the only organization in Serbia that also includes local governments
and the non-governmental sector and companies and they are all in one place and they are all treated equally
they agree on what to do... we have seen that all other locales are locales
self-governments that were part of NALED progressed economically.
There is expertise, professionalism and when you get into something you get into
an elaborate system that helps you get better."

What distinguishes NALED from the others is that it is not some kind of working group
which, apart from the real environment, works on the text of the law, which we are witnessing,
according to the laws and rules, you should have a working group, and NALED does that
not only officials are there at the table, but a large number of people who live with it gather
and that's an important difference, and I'm talking about it based on projects that started from paper and
ended with implementation. That implementation capacity is a key activity
and a key positive indicator for NALED."

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