Property and Investment Alliance

The Property and Investment Alliance, as an expert working body of NALED, was founded in late May 2018 by NALED members, and today it gathers more than 80 members from various sectors. The Alliance deals with property issues, which cover various topics including the following: land consolidation, bankruptcy, enforcement and litigation, public procurement, lien on movable and immovable property, foreign exchange, land rights conversion, issues related to planning and construction, registration of rights in the real estate and utilities cadaster, as well as other related topics, all with the aim of improving the business environment.

The Alliance is involved in initiating recommendations and resolving administrative procedures consolidated in the NALED Grey Book, and in the previous period it participated in the preparation of several NALED publications. Based on the voted priorities, through various mechanisms, the Alliance advocates resolving the submitted members’ initiatives, which include project activities, media advertising, working groups and other mechanisms.

The Property and Investment Alliance’s goals:

  • Defining the property relations development plan’s strategic framework,
  • Reducing costs and red tape for businesses and citizens by creating e-services,
  • Increasing institutional capacities, improving business processes, efficiency and transparency, public administration, holders of public authority and other competent bodies,
  • Improving Serbia’s competitiveness,
  • Defining NALED’s strategic framework for improving property relations,
  • Provides support to the Government of Serbia and other institutions in designing the implementing programs and strategies in the field of property and investment,
  • Actively advocating reforms implementation and raising citizens’ and businesses’ awareness about the importance and benefits of developing property relations,
  • Provides professional support and participates in developing legislative framework for property and investment,
  • Actively and publicly advocates for the improvement of the business environment in Serbia as well as the progress of Serbia on the Doing Business list of the World Bank,
  • Participates in public-private dialogue, participates in public hearings, debates and presentations concerning property and investment development,
  • Cooperates with various organizations and institutions in implementing projects and initiatives related to the development of property and legal relations.

The Alliance includes the following members: A1, Al Dahra Srbija, AIK Bank, Apatin Brewery (Molson Coors), Aleksandar Gradnja, Agriculture faculty in Novi Sad, ASAP, Bus Logic, Business Registers Agency, CETIN, Carnex, City of Čačak, City of Kragujevac, City of Leskovac, City of Požarevac, City of Šabac, City of Sombor, City of Sremska Mitrovica, City of Subotica, City of Užice, City of Zrenjanin, Chamber of Public Enforcement Officers, Coca-Cola HBC Serbia, CWPR Services, Educons University, Ekostar Pak, Erste Bank, Faculty of Applied Ecology – Futura, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Media and Communications, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Koteks Viscofan, Municipality of Vrnjačka Banja, Municipality of Mionica, Municipality of Šid, Municipality of Inđija, Inpharm, JAF, Jugo-Kaolin, Public Notary CKotehamber, Lafarge, Luka Beograd, MK group, NIS, Nectar, Neoplanta, Nites, Municipality of Batočina, Municipality of Ćuprija, Municipality of Kula, MOL Serbia, Philip Morris Operations, Pulsec, Faculty of Law, Belgrade, Real Estate Cluster Serbia, Resalta, SET, Telekom, Tigar Tyres, Unicredit Bank, University of Belgrade, University of Kragujevac, Vetroelektrane Balkana, Carnex, Moravcem, ProCredit bank, RioTinto, Republic Geodetic Authority (associate member), Directorate for the Property (associate member), RATEL, Rudnik i Flotacija Rudnik,  Samer & Co, School of Electrical Engineering, Siemens, SILBO, WindVision Development, Heineken, Vuković & Partners Law Office, Law Office Cvetković Skoko & Jovičić, Law Office Stanković, Yandex IT Center, Yettel and Zumtobel group.

You may watch the address of Aleksandra Trešnjev, Vice President od the Property and Investment Alliance, at the 14th Annual NALED Assembly at the following link.

Andrija Vuković

Andrija Vuković

AIK Bank, member of the Executive Board

President of Property and Investment Alliance

Andrija Vuković, member of the Executive board of AIK BANK actively participates in defining the...
Tanja Vukotić-Marinković

Tanja Vukotić-Marinković

Business Registries Agency, Registrar

Vice President of Property and Investment Alliance

Dejan Vuković

Dejan Vuković

Vuković & Partners, Founder and Managing Partner

Vice President of Property and Investment Alliance

Dejan Vuković is Managing Partner at Vuković & Partners Law Firm, Belgrade, and has practis...
Marko Jović

Marko Jović

A1, director of regulatory and wholesale affairs

Vice President of Property and Investment Alliance

Marko Jović is Director of regulatory and wholesale affairs in A1 Srbija, member of A1 Telekom A...
Jelena Raković Radivojević

Jelena Raković Radivojević

City of Užice, mayor

Vice President of Property and Investment Alliance

Born on February 24, 1968 in Užice. She attended elementary school \\\"Stari grad\\\" and second...

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