The Managing Board (MB) members are elected and dismissed by the Assembly, from its own pool of members, with its structure being proportional to the membership structure. The Managing Board, together with the Executive Director, manages the organization's activities in line with the guidelines from the Assembly, contributes to the association's development and the realization of its mission and goals, advocates the members' common interests and values in the public and reports to the Assembly regarding the achieved results. The MB selects its President and Vice Presidents among its members, appoints and dismisses the members of the Ethics Committee, Executive and Advisory Board, approves the annual budget for the Executive Office and for more expensive procurements, forms the expert and working groups in line with the members' priorities, adopts regulations regarding the membership conditions, the work of managing bodies, annual awards and other internal acts. The MB has a four-year term and its members meet on a monthly basis.

Vladislav Cvetković

PwC, Director

President of NALED MB

Vladislav Cvetković has been the Director of Advisory Services in “PricewaterhouseCoopers&...

Stanka Pejanović

Hisense Gorenje Europe, Executive Vice President

Vice President of NALED MB

Stanka Pejanović is a Board member in Gorenje Group system, the largest Slovenian and eighth lar...

Nikola Dašić

Vice President of NALED MB

Nikola Dašić, a graduated economist and military officer from Kragujevac, was born on Mar...

Tijana Gajić

Pexim, Director

Vice President of NALED MB

Tijana graduated from Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, with a Master's degree in I...

Goran Kovačević

Gomex, General Manager

Member of NALED MB

Born in 1962 in and graduated from the Faculty of Law in Osijek. He was practiced corporate law, ...

Svetoslav Atanasov

Coca Cola HBC Serbia, General Manager

Member of NALED MB

As a member of NALED Managing Board, he firmly supports the organization’s development with...

Goran Cvetanović

Leskovac, Mayor

Member of NALED MB

He was born in 1965 in Leskovac, completing his primary education and high school in the city, an...

Igor Vukašinović

Molson Coors, general Manager

Member of NALED MB

Sales and Customer Excellence Director Molson Coors and General Mana...

Nikola Vučen

Smederevska Palanka, Mayor

Member of NALED MB

Nikola Vučen was born on February 25, 1981 in Smederevska Palanka. He finished elementary school...

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