Mission and goals

NALED’s mission is the improvement of the business environment in Serbia by supporting the economic reforms in Serbia, with active engagement and cooperation among businesses, local governments and civil society organizations.

All NALED activities are focused on the realization of concrete goals stemming from the mission:

1. Improving the regulatory and institutional framework for doing business 

  • Reduced scope of the shadow economy and improved tax system 
  • improved e-Government and e-Business
  • Progress in resolving property issues and improving the planning and construction activities
  • Improved conditions for the development of agriculture and the food industry 
  • Improved conditions for the development of the healthcare sector
  • Improved international competitiveness and regional cooperation

2. Strengthening the capacities and responsibility of public administration 

  • Improved capacities of public administration and local governments in providing support to businesses 
  • Improved process and quality of legislative solutions, based on analyses and recommendations provided by businesses and the civil sector 
  • EU accession process contributing to business competitiveness 

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