Mission and goals

NALED is the first and only private-public association in our country whose mission is to harmonize the views of all three sectors of society - private, public and civil and represent their interests in order to more effectively reach the best and comprehensive solutions for encouraging economic development through reforms in order to improvement of the economic environment.

NALED’s Strategic Plan for 2022-2025 defined 12 program goals grouped into two key areas or levels of operation, that ensure improvement of public policies and services in various sectors, on the local, national, and regional level, in line with the EU standards. This year, NALED will pay special focus to the topic of digitalization and AI development. 

Improving public policies and services 

  1. Improved legislation process and quality
  2. Reduced shadow economy
  3.  Improved public finance
  4. Improved conditions for eGovernment and eBusiness
  5.  Improved conditions for entrepreneurship and innovation 
  6. Improved conditions for investments and construction 
  7. Improved conditions for agriculture and food industry 
  8.  Improved healthcare services and availability of medicines 
  9.  Supported implementation of the green agenda 

Encouraging territorial development and EU integration 

  1.  Improved conditions for local economic development
  2.  Improved and harmonized conditions for doing business in the Western Balkans
  3.  Improved EU integration process in areas significant for businesses 

While working to fulfil its vision and goals, NALED is led by the key values and guiding principles of Synergy, Integrity, Knowledge, Excellence, and Welfare. 

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