[Politika] Seasonal workers bazaar at a single place


The National Employment Service will keep a registry of seasonal workers, which will provide information about the knowledge and skills offered by potential employment candidates. This will ease the work not only for the employers, but also ensure benefit for the seasonal workers as they will be able to find work more easily

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[RTS1] E-registration of seasonal workers and further system expansion


The system for registering seasonal workers to be expanded to construction, tourism, household ... Read more

[Dnevnik] 17.000 seasonal workers withdrawn from the shadow zone


Among more than 200 employers that registered workers via the e-system, there were 60 ... Read more

[TV N1] Position of female entrepreneurs in Serbia


Violeta Jovanović talked about the report prepared for the needs of Read more

[Blic] Serbia as a bright example of digitalization


Modern technological solutions applied in Republic Geodetic Authority have become a bright example serving as a role model that other countries look up to. The Top Reformer 2018 recognition presented by NALED to RGA Director Borko Drašković in February has had a strong impact in Europe and the world

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[BBC news in Serbian] Shadow economy in 100 words


You went to a store and didn't take the receipt or you just ordered a T-shirt via Instagram? If your answer is yes - you may have contributed to the growth of shadow economy. This kind of businesses accounts for more than 6 billion USD

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[N1] NALED: Reforms enabled Serbia's progress


New procedures and incentives, which brought about significant reforms, have enabled results of having five new entrepreneurs registered in Serbia on a daily basis, along with 40 seasonal workers being engaged and registered, 730 applications for property registration, and 265 applications for construction permits.


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