[AlJazeera] Geographical indication of origin


What is the value of GI mark, assigned to an authentic product of a country?
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[Telegraf Biznis] Start legally


Are you thinking of becoming an entrepreneur but you are not sure how to start a business, what are your ... Read more

[RTS 1] BFC SEE seal of quality


The Business Friendly Environment Network presented certificates to Ćuprija, Šabac and ... Read more

[N1] Tax Administration reform


The progress in this field was commented by Jelena Bojović, NALED Policy Director, for Infobiz

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[TV N1] Women in business


Why we have fewer women in business and how to empower them - NALED Executive Director Violeta Jovanović ... Read more

[Ekonometar] 100 bureaucratic procedures abolished over a 10-year period


NALED has been providing recommendations for cutting the red tape to the Government of Serbia ever since 2008. So far, we provided recommendations for reforming 210 most common and complicated procedures, of which a half has been adopted. Businesses are mostly unsatisfied with regulations governing taxes 

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[Magazin biznis] Promotion of municipal cultural content


All countries are equal by the artistic works - none of them are more or less valuable. The only difference is what the countries are doing to preserve and present them to the world. Galleries and museums are a strong pillar of local development and they make a positive impact on the prosperity of cities and regions - from attracting tourists to increasing the value of real estate around

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[Politika] Seasonal workers bazaar at a single place


The National Employment Service will keep a registry of seasonal workers, which will provide information about the knowledge and skills offered by potential employment candidates. This will ease the work not only for the employers, but also ensure benefit for the seasonal workers as they will be able to find work more easily

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[RTS1] E-registration of seasonal workers and further system expansion


The system for registering seasonal workers to be expanded to construction, tourism, household ... Read more