The Ethics Committee (EC) is chosen by the Managing Board for an indefinite period. It has no more than five members including three full members of NALED, one representative of the Executive Office and one from an independent institution or organization. The role of EC is to propose the  Code of Ethics, and take care that NALED's members follow it. It monitors the work of NALED's assembly and governing bodies, and provides opinions on ethics issues to the Managing Board. Examples can be on candidates for the Reformer of the Year award, compliance with the Criteria for NALED membership or other issues related to social responsibility.


David Lythgoe

Halifax Consulting, Partner

President of NALED EC

David Lythgoe is one of the partners in Halifax Consulting in Belgrade. The company was esta...

Marianne Gade Topac

Deputy Head of Mission, Royal Danish Embassy

Member of NALED EC

Marianne Gade Topac began her diplomatic career at the Royal Danish Embassy in Nairobi in 1999 as...

Tanja Vukotić-Marinković

Business Registries Agency, Registrar

Member of NALED EC

Tanja Vukotić-Marinković is a Registrar in the Business Registries Agency and a lawyer with yea...

James Thornley

KP Advisory, partner

Member of NALED EC

James Thornley, was born in 1968 in the UK.  From 2002 he has lived and works in Belgrade, S...

Milica Stefanović

NALED, Communications and Development Director

Member of NALED EC

Since 2002 she has gained unique experience working with the private, public and civil sectors. H...

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