Membership benefits

More than 300 members, including the most successful businesses, local governments and CSOs, make NALED the largest and most influential public-private association in Serbia, bringing together all three sectors of the society, developing a close link between the local and national level, aimed at encouraging the local economic development. Membership in NALED stands as an efficient mechanism, practiced by socially responsible organizations, for initiating institutional reforms significant for the country’s economic growth. NALED membership implies numerous other benefits for its active members.

Some of the benefits of NALED membership include:

Monitoring Government performance

NALED regularly informs its members about the regulatory reform status and the latest developments in the field of regulatory reform and business-related legislation. NALED is the leading authority in monitoring regulatory activity and measuring public administration performance, owing to the initiatives and projects such as the Regulatory Index of Serbia (RIS), Calculator of local business expenses, Quarterly report on the regulatory reform status and By-Law Barometer, which are available to all members. The annual selection of Top Reformer and reporting in the media about the Government’s results represent additional mechanisms to impose positive pressure on the institutions in implementing reforms.

Influencing legislation

NALED officially cooperates with more than 40 state and international institutions, being one of the key partners to the national and local authorities in planning and implementing regulatory reform. NALED members often have the exclusive opportunity to be the first to see, react and influence the content of new legislation affecting their business. Through the activities of the Economic Caucus of the National Parliament of the Republic of Serbia, Government’s interdisciplinary groups, working meetings with decision-makers, submitting recommendations to the Government for cutting the red tape (Grey Book), analyzing and commenting on business-related laws, NALED advocates the improvement of legislation towards developing a stimulating framework for local economic development.

Networking among decision makers

Members have an opportunity to participate and advocate their interests within more than 150 NALED events per year, free of charge. These events include conferences, round tables and working luncheons with political leaders, ambassadors, donors, mayors and businesses from the country and abroad. Some of the topics of events organized by NALED include shadow economy, construction permits, para-fiscal charges, cutting the red tape, legislative processes, public-private partnerships, business-friendly environment, regulatory reform, tax system, investment and export promotion, corporate social responsibility, renewable energy sources.



Strengthening image and promotion  

Every engagement in NALED is acknowledged and recognized in the public, owing to the strong publicity and presence in the media (more than 4,000 media releases a year). Being represented in NALED’s publications, social networks and website, the members stand out as socially responsible and engaged organizations, thus strengthening their public reputation. Assuming the roles of speakers at NALED conferences, the members have the opportunity to further position their organization in business and professional circles. National campaigns in the media and Belgrade Airport provide members with a unique opportunity to be seen as promoters of economic reforms and business friendly environment in Serbia.

Participating in projects

Members receive the latest information about the current open calls for project funding and opportunities for subsidized professional training in the country and abroad. Members can initiate and realize projects and initiatives in partnership with NALED, in line with the general interests of its members and mission. NALED members are given priority in defining partners and participants in donor projects implemented by NALED (on average 15 projects a year). Aimed at facilitating access to funds, NALED organizes meetings with donors and diplomatic officers, and mediates between businesses and municipalities for CSR initiatives encouraging local economic development.



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