A think-tank implementing 20 projects a year!
Since its establishment, NALED has realized more than 140 projects aimed at improving the business environment and economic development of Serbia. NALED turns ideas into concrete solutions and projects based on independent analyses and evidence, and its strong results demonstrate that changes are possible when they are made in cooperation with institutional partners, international community and donors. 

Some of the topics that were initiated through NALED's projects later became broadly used systemic solutions. Through its project for countering shadow economy NALED contributed to the establishment of the Government's working group, i.e. Coordination body and Expert group for countering shadow economy, while the Grey Book of regulations has become a referential document for economic reforms and one of NALED's signature tools.


Projects Aktuelan

EIT Food hub Serbia


Through an open call, NALED was chosen to be the EIT food Hub for Serbia in the period 2024-2025. Read more
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Free training for bidders and contracting authorities


As part of the project 'Public procurement and good governance for enh... Read more
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PMInnovia – Open Innovation Project in Serbia


PMInnovia is a pilot initiative by Philip Morris International (PMI), ... Read more
Projects Realizovan

Promotion of energy production from own sources


In recent years, the need to establish sustainable development has sig... Read more
Projects Aktuelan

Citizen’s voice in urban planning


The most important spatial and zoning plans in the Republic of Serbia ... Read more
Projects Realizovan

Providing support to users of the CEOP system for issuing e-permits


In the period from August 2016 to April 2017, NALED will implement the... Read more
Projects Aktuelan

Providing better access to finance for SMEs


Strict risk management policies applied by banks create barriers for s... Read more
Projects Aktuelan

BEST Cooperation in waste management - Towards a sustainable environment


The project will introduce a two-bin system, serving as the initial st... Read more
Projects Aktuelan

REGENU - ReGenerate Strategies for Higher Education Institutions


Project REGENU aims to actively involve higher education institutions ... Read more

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