Food and Agriculture Alliance

The Food and Agriculture Alliance was founded at the constitutive session held on October 31, 2017, in Belgrade. It currently has 58 companies, local governments and associations gathered around a common goal - to support the establishment of a modern regulatory and institutional framework, as well as a stable business environment in the food and agriculture sector. The Alliance also advocates the institutionalization of public-private dialogue as well as the establishment of a stable, predictable and sustainable business environment for economic entities in the food and agriculture sectors, including the incentives policy in the field of agriculture.

The Food and Agriculture Alliance’s goals:

  • Support in defining the national strategic framework for agriculture and food industry development, participation in developing national program documents and action plans,
  • Support in establishing legislative framework and adopting regulations that are in line with the EU legislation, taking into account modern technologies in the industry and the sector’s specifics at the national level,
  • Promotion and support in solving the issue of illicit production and placing on the market of food products, as well as any other illegal activities in the food chain,
  • Advocating the establishment of a stable, predictable and sustainable business environment for companies in the food and agriculture sector, including the incentives policy in the field of agriculture,
  • Rationalization of costs and administrative procedures in the food and agriculture sector,
  • Support in establishing the systems necessary for efficient use of EU pre-accession funds, in order to increase Serbia’s food and agriculture sector competitiveness,
  • Establishing a regulatory framework and forming a commodity exchange in the Republic of Serbia, following the examples of good practice in EU member states.

The Alliance includes the following members: Al Dahra Srbija, Apatin Brewery, Atlantic Group, Accreditation body of Serbia, Bambi, Barlan (The Coca Cola Company), Carnex, Carlsberg Serbia, Coca Cola HBC, Delhaize Serbia, Dijamant, Domaća trgovina, Dr. Oetker, Educons University, Faculty of Applied Ecology – Futura, Faculty of Economics in Subotica, Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Economics, Finance and Administration FEFA, Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics, University of Nis, Faculty of Geography University of Belgrade, Gomex, City of Požarevac, City of Sremska Mitrovica, City of Užice, Hamilton Srbija, Heineken, INMES - Institute of Meat Hygiene and Technology, INEP, Inpharm, Knjaz Miloš, Koteks Viscofan, Lidl, Marbo Product, Mercator-S, Metro Cash & Carry, Nectar, Nelt, Neoplanta, Nestle Adriatic S, Paraćin Municipality, Perutnina Ptuj, Pharmalogist, Strauss Adriatic, Silbo, Sunoko (MK group), Association of Beekeeping Organizations of Serbia, "Golija" Association of Organic Sheep and Cattle Breeders, Municipality of Kučevo, Municipality of Raška, Municipality of Šid, Municipality of Inđija, School of Electrical Engineering , Tetra Pak, University of Novi Sad - Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade - Faculty of Agriculture and Zlatiborac.

Alliance has a total of 58 members.

You may watch the video address of Vladimir Čupić, President of the Food and Agriculture Alliance, at the 14th Annual NALED Assembly  at the following link.

Tamara Penjić

Tamara Penjić

Carnex, Executive Director

President of Food and Agriculture Alliance

Tamara Penjić graduated from the Faculty of Technology of the Unive...
Rodoljub Živadinović

Rodoljub Živadinović

Serbian Federation of Beekeepers, President

Vice President of Food and Agriculture Alliance

Spec. Dr. med. Rodoljub Živadinović was born in 1973 in Aleksinac....
Marjana Davidović

Marjana Davidović

Nestlé, Country Manager

Vice President of Food and Agriculture Alliance

Marjana Davidović is a Country Manager of Nestlé for the Southern Adriatic region, which ...
Dragan Pušara

Dragan Pušara

Accreditation body of Serbia, Acting Director

Vice President of Food and Agriculture Alliance

Dragan Pusara is manager with 20 years of experience in leading different profiles and formats of...
Vladimir Milićević

Vladimir Milićević

Municipality of Paraćin, mayor

Vice President of Food and Agriculture Alliance

Vladimir Milicevic graduated from Faculty of Agriculture, University...

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