Open calls for support in agricultural innovation development

NALED appointed as EIT Food Hub in Serbia – Open calls for support in agricultural innovation development

Over the next two years, NALED will represent Serbia in the regional network of Food Hubs initiated by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). The aim is to accelerate innovations in food production, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, provide consumers with healthier and more affordable food options, and enhance food safety.

Together with the Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad, NALED will work on networking science and industry, bringing together researchers, entrepreneurs, and the academic community in the country. Special support will be directed towards the development of female entrepreneurship and the startup scene.

To strengthen parts of Europe with weaker innovation capacities in the food sector, EIT has designed a package of projects and programs focusing on education, business development, and sharing best practices among network members, which include Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

- We are honored that EIT, as the largest and most dynamic global community for food innovation, has recognized us as a country with great potential and provided us with the opportunity to enhance our knowledge and capabilities. Agriculture is our most important export sector, and to remain competitive in the market, we must keep pace with trends and modernize traditional production methods. Therefore, we invite all innovators, researchers, and entrepreneurs to apply for the open support programs, with our assistance available throughout the entire process," says NALED's Regulatory Reform Manager, Todo Terzić.

NALED's role is to help all target groups network with leading European agricultural companies, universities, and research centers, expand their knowledge through online courses and educational programs, and with expert mentorship and readily available financial resources, have the opportunity to develop their ideas 'from concept to market' and launch innovative products.

Those interested will be able to take advantage of expert mentorship, tailored entrepreneurial programs, and readily available financial resources to launch, accelerate, and improve their businesses. Four calls are open until the end of April.

EIT Jumpstarter is aimed at teams with innovative business ideas who want to start their own company. With expert support, the program helps create a sustainable innovative product or service, and if the idea proves to have potential, encourages company registration. This way, teams will be able to meet potential partners, investors, and companies that can be their first customer or test their product.

Sales Booster helps innovative startups explore and enter new agricultural and food markets across Europe, while the Team Up program connects talented technological innovators with suitable business partners to accelerate innovation commercialization.

In addition, the Test Farms program is available for startups and individuals with revolutionary agrotechnological products and services. Within the program, solutions will be tested on farms, with crops or livestock, for verification and validation. The project's mission is to bridge the gap between innovative technology and practical application in agriculture, providing farmers with access to sustainable and efficient innovations.

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