[TV Nova S] Here's how to get subsidies for cashless payment

Milica Golubović, coordinator of the "Better Way" Initiative representing NALED, appeared on the TV show "Među nama" on TV Nova. She discussed her impressions of the recent regional conference in Tirana, the support program for the implementation of electronic payments, and the future plans of the "Better Way" Initiative, which launched in our country a year ago.

The main pillar of the project is the Support Program for the Implementation of Electronic Payments (POS program) aimed at entrepreneurs, micro and small businesses, and institutions that have not accepted cashless payments in the last year of their operation, said Golubović.

In addition to the POS program, which is already recognized as an effective means to achieve these goals, the "Uzmi račun i pobedi" (Take the Receipt and Win) lottery has also been recognized.

We are currently in discussions with Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Golubović said.

She added that there are more than 4,000 entrepreneurs involved. The cashless payment program introduced by our country lasts for three years.

You can watch the entire interview recording HERE.

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