Our values

NALED's vision is to become an institutional partner in creating better business conditions in Serbia and the region, and a recognized model of public-private partnership in Europe enabling responsible and organized engagement of members for the benefit of the overall society. On the path to achieving the association's vision and goals, NALED is guided by its values:


  • Leadership: NALED is the leader and initiator of reforms important for the business environment in Serbia and the region

  • Expertise: NALED proposes solutions based on expert analyses and collected evidence

  • Independence: NALED cooperates with all political sides and stakeholders that show true interest in improving the business environment, but maintains its autonomy in setting and implementing its goals 

  • Transparency: NALED promotes transparency in work by its own example

  • Integrity: NALED stands for its work and implements all activities responsibly, in line with the association's mission, goals and values 

  • Common interests: NALED places common and joint interest before the individual and advocates the reforms important for its membership that contribute to economic development of Serbia

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