How NALED works

NALED connects all parts of the society in recognizing the common problems and obstacles to economic development, proposing practical solutions and providing support to the state in implementing reforms. Diversified membership ensures NALED's neutrality in advocating the policies based on research and analyses.

NALED influences the social change in the following manner: 

Mediates and enables expert dialogue among the key stakeholders
NALED creates room for open debate and harmonization of views among the representatives of state institutions, local governments and the civil society with the aim of reaching applicable and sustainable solutions. The main role of the Executive Office is the mediation in public-private dialogue and shaping the concrete proposals for better conditions for doing business.

Provides support to the Government in designing and implementing public policies
NALED supports the institutions in creating the reform programs, writing draft laws and by-laws, preparing amendments, developing software and organizing training for more efficient public administration. As of 2013, NALED has took part in more than 130 expert and working groups of the Government of Serbia. NALED has been entrusted with coordinating the Government's working groups for the development and implementation of strategies for countering shadow economy, improving Serbia's position in the Doing Business list and developing e-government, acting as a mediator in dialogue among multiple ministries and line institutions with the aim of aligning the views of various sides. NALED's goal is to cooperate with institutions to build a sustainable public administration system which can continuously provide quality services to citizens and businesses.

Monitors the implementation of public policies for improving the business environment 
The monitoring function is based on comparative analyses of best practices, research, collecting original data and consultations with members and other parties influenced by the reforms. NALED has developed a whole set of original tools and methodologies for analyzing the performance and monitoring the work of public administration such as the Business Friendly Certification of local governments in South East Europe, the Regulatory Index of Serbia, Calculator of local fees and charges, By-Law Barometer, Quarterly report on the status of reforms. 

Along with these three functions, NALED also recognizes and nominates important topics for the reform agenda, putting them in focus and opening discussions about these issues. Some of the topics NALED has successfully initiated includes the electronic construction permitting, real estate cadaster reform, parafiscal charges, shadow economy, electronic registration of seasonal workers. NALED also works on promoting and acknowledging the new ideas and methods of work in the overall public, through campaigns and media releases.

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