Managing bodies

NALED Statute stipulates the following managing bodies of NALED:

  1. Assembly,
  2. Managing Board,
  3. Supervisory Board,
  4. Advisory Board,
  5. Ethics Committee
  6. Executive Director.

Further on, the Statute stipulates that, depending on the needs of its work, NALED may also establish the Executive Board.

By the complexity and the number of managing bodies, NALED differs from other associations which usually comprise only the Assembly and the Managing Board. All managing bodies meet several times a year, with their work being coordinated by the Executive Office. The engagement in NALED bodies is established on voluntary basis, and their members are not entitled to a fee, with the exception of Executive Director. The most relevant bodies have so far included the Assembly, Managing Board and SUpervisory Board, while the central managing function is assigned to the Executive Director. 

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