[RTS] Registration of seasonal workers via application has reduced informal employment

"Agroinfo Caravan" for farmers will visit 15 local governments by mid-January, informing producers and seasonal workers about the details of  simplified procedure for seasonal work engagement via a web portal and mobile app. Electronic registration of seasonal workers is considered a major reform, which reduced informal employment by 37% already in its first year of implementation. 

Attending RTS Morning Show, Tisa Čaušević, Head of Agriculture Unit in NALED, said that electronic registration of seasonal workers in agriculture is considered a major reform, as for the first time since 2019 farmers can register workers who are being occasionally engaged. 

According to her, the goal of "Agro Info Caravan", visiting 15 local governments in the whole territory of Serbia, is to bring the system closer to the employers – farmers who may still not know about its existence and benefits, as well as the potential seasonal workers. 

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