[TV N1] NALED: 88% of surveyed businesses have lower revenues

In the research, 88% of the surveyed businesses said that they have had lower- revenues, especially entrepreneurs, micro and small companies, stated Ivan Radak, Head of the Public Relations Unit at NALED, for N1 TV.

A quarter of the respondents have revenues lower than one million dinars, and 40% of the surveyed businesses have less than five million dinars, which is not a good result. Companies from the tourism and catering sector are especially affected, where more than a half had revenues lower than 10 million dinars. They also had the biggest drop in the number of employees, almost 20% of workers lost their jobs in the field of tourism and catering, says Radak.

State aid has prevented mass layoffs, but problems with lower revenues remains this year as well, he says. There was a greater optimism about 2021, but that attitude (within the research) was expressed when it was not yet known that there would be a new closedown this year. Businesspeople think that the biggest problem in 2021 will be the settlement of due taxes and obligations towards business partners, Radak points out.

A quarter of businesspeople think that they will need more than a year to recover, and this primarily involves small entrepreneurs. While 50% think that they will repair the consequences of the crisis caused by the COVID 19 pandemic in a year, two-thirds expect that their revenues will be lower by about 50%, or even lower  in tourism and catering.

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