Business support

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Ranking: Champion
Population: 115.884
Number of businesses: 3.290
Development level: II group
Score: 111


With the inclusion of the business community in the making of strategic decisions with an aim of creating a business-friendly environment through the One-stop-shop for businesses and public-private commission for monitoring investment implementation, the city of Šabac received the title of Champion of Local Development in the category of Business Support.

One-stop-shop for businesses is a unique counter where business-owners and entrepreneurs can complete all tasks regarding the establishment and registration of their new company. The One-stop-shop in Šabac is managed via the Department for Local Economic Development (LED), which represents a place where investors may receive all necessary information and log any needs or issues. The Department grew out of the Office for LED two years ago, strenghtened its capacities and in a very short time became a recognizable place for Šabac entrepreneurs, as well as potential investors. The success of the Department would not have been as great if it were not for the support of top-level management, specifically the active involvement of all city departments that now have the same goal – designing a business-friendly environment. The local administration established boards for this reason, where the Department holds the most significant role, being in direct contact with investors.

Commission for monitoring investment consists of 22 members including the city mayor, his deputy, managers of public companies, department managers, representatives of the Business Council. The Commission meets every Monday, and its main aims are to monitor the implementation of every investment in the city, quickly resolve investor problems, identify potential problems for businesses and establish mechanisms to prevent such problems. The Commission’s meetings are open for attendance to any interested entrepreneur or business owner. As such, there is a gathering of all subjects relevant to the realization of a single investment once a week in on place, so investors can be certain that there can be no surprises that may slow down their business.

Local Employment Council (LEC) has 12 members, representatives of local government units (LGU), National Employment Service (NES), Regional Chamber of Commerce (RCC) Valjevo and local schools. The LCE identifies the needs of businesses for employees and proposes active policy measures of employment, and is currently implementing a project with the Austrian Development Agency in the aim of establishing a Training Center that will help investors reach qualified employees. The Council is consulted for all strategic decisions by the city administration, infrastructure works, but it also initiates changes in the functioning of Šabac. Official data from the National Employment Service shows that the number of unemployed people from 2014 onwards has been reduced from 12,120 to 8,852, whereas official data from the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund shows that the number of insured persons has gone up to 2,391 in just one year (2016-2017), with the number of active businesses and entrepreneurs increasing by 56 and 120, respectively, during the same period.

Video on winning solution broadcast on TV Show Ovo je Srbija, RTS


Article on winning solution published in daily newspaper Politika

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Stara Pazova - Strong business council for a better business environmentVicešampioni.jpg

Ranking: Vice Champion
Population: 65.792
Number of businesses: 3.679
Development level: I group
Score: 96


Functional Business Council as a reference System of local incentives and a business council bringing together 200 local businesses with the municipal administration brought the ranking of Vice Champion of local development to the municipality of Stara Pazova in the category of business support.

The municipality of Stara Pazova extends the tradition of the most advanced business municipality from earlier periods, with full commitment to developing business and all forms of business organizations – from small entrepreneurial shops dedicated to rare crafts, smaller industry plants, all the way to large businesses with large capital investments. The municipal Business Council numbers around 200 members, with its aim being the improvement of the business environment, and it represents a link between businesses and the local government. Information on the level of local business development is received from existing businesses through the Council’s work, where joint work is done on further improvement, resulting in new investments. The Office for local economic development, which functions as part of the Economic Department, is in charge of directly networking with the business community with the aim of providing adequate, expedited and precise response to requests.

With the goal of providing easier and more efficient communication, the website of the Office for Local Economic Development regularly updates the database on businesses and entrepreneurs, as well as the database on investors among individuals and businesses. Stara Pazova has organized the Regional Business Fair for 11 times consecutively, gathering over 150 exhibitors from the country and abroad. Five years ago, the municipality announced a Public Call for awarding grants for stimulating the development of entrepreneurship, micro and small businesses. The municipality has seen a drop in unemployment of around 47% (3140 unemployed citizens registered in 2015 vs 1654 registered in 2018).

Article on winning solution published in daily newspaper Politika


Video on winning solution broadcast on TV Show Ovo je Srbija, RTS


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