BEST Cooperation in waste management - Towards a sustainable environment

Donor: European Union
Partners: Center for Ecotoxicological Tests (CETI), Municipality of Mojkovac, Public Utility Company "Gradska čistoća" Novi Pazar Beneficiaries: Municipalities of Mojkovac, Kolašin, Bijelo Polje in Montenegro, the city of Novi Pazar, and the municipality of Tutin in the Republic of Serbia, along with public utility companies and civil society organizations in these regions.
Implementation Period: April 19, 2023 - April 18, 2025
Portal: Accessible through the following link

The BEST Cooperation in Waste Management project is dedicated to enhancing the capacities of municipalities and public utility companies in waste collection, as well as implementing efficient waste segregation practices to increase recycling rates. The project will introduce a two-bin system, serving as the initial step in waste management, and establish a regional framework for integrated waste management. In this system, one bin is designated for mixed waste, while the other is specifically designed for recyclables such as PET, aluminum, glass, and paper.

To establish an effective waste management system, the project will provide necessary equipment and conduct training sessions for local government employees responsible for waste management in the participating municipalities. The engagement of experts will facilitate the development of local waste management plans and action plans for public utility companies. Additionally, the project aims to align regulations in Serbia and Montenegro with European Union standards in waste management.

Beyond enhancing local waste management capacities, the project has a significant goal of raising awareness among the local population about the importance of responsible waste management. To achieve this objective, each project segment will be accompanied by an awareness-raising campaigns, informing and educating both the local population and participating municipalities.

Goals and activities:

  • Improved knowledge of waste management among relevant stakeholders and alignment with EU regulations,
  • Municipalities and public utility companies equipped with new waste management infrastructure,
  • Increased awareness of waste management's significance among the local population.

Key activities:

  • Developing collaborative solutions for effective waste management,
  • Exchange of experiences and capacity building for public utility companies, focusing on waste collection and segregation methods,
  • Providing municipalities with equipment for primary waste collection, segregation, and recycling
  • Conducting awareness and education campaigns.

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