REGENU - ReGenerate Strategies for Higher Education Institutions

Donor: European Union
Partners: Universita Ca' Foscari Venezia (coordinator of Project), University Industry Innovation Network BV, Institut Mines-Telecom, College Of The Holy & Undivided Trinity Of Queen Elizabeth Dublin, FH Munster University Of Applied Sciences, Univerza v LJubljani, Fundacio Universitaria Balmes
Users: Higher education institutions, students, academic staff, economy, regional public policy makers
Realization period: 
Januray 1, 2023 – December 31, 2025.
Web page:

Project REGENU - ReGenerate Strategies for Higher Education Institutions aims to actively involve higher education institutions in the process of transition to a regenerative economy system. Research conducted by the EU shows that only 24% of higher education institutions work on green economy research. For decades, higher education institutions have been drivers of development, economic growth, scientific research and contributed to the creation of talent.

Considering the small percentage of involvement of higher education institutions in the process of transition to the regenerative economy system, the overall aims of the Project are to:

  • Clarify, design and trial the type of role that HEIs can have in transitioning society from an extractive to a regenerative green economy;
  • Equip and empower change-makers with the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitudes on sustainability and the regenerative green economy;
  • Think globally to impact local environments through the development of solutions with truly regenerative business models.

The Project is planned to strengthen the connection between universities, companies, governments and offer research solutions to complex social problems, which will become an integral part of public policies.

Some of the key Project activities are:

  • Analysis of the current situation in the green and regenerative economy and the possible role of universities in the process of transition to a regenerative economy;
  • Implementation of training programs for the improvement of skills, knowledge, attitudes of researchers, teachers, businessmen regarding entrepreneurial activities in the regenerative economy;
  • The innovation challenge program whose goal is to develop solutions for entrepreneurial projects related to the regenerative economy;
  • Implementing a mentoring program with the aim of training teachers, professors, researchers, public policy makers to develop and accelerate regenerative solutions;
  • Organizing events to promote the Project's objectives and engage communities to improve visibility locally and internationally.

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