Analysis of battery and bulb collection and management in the Republic of Serbia

Author: Nebojša Pokimica, Prof. dr. Slobodan Morača, Katarina Nedeljković Bunardžić Area: Environment Date: 30.03.2021. Download: Analiza_sakupljanja_i_upravljanja_baterijama_i_sijalicama_u_republici_Srbiji.pdf

This analysis aims to improve the collection and appropriate treatment system of light bulbs and batteries in Serbia. Batteries and light bulbs are among the most common hazardous waste materials from households which, if not collected and treated properly, end up in landfills and significantly endanger the environment.

The analysis was prepared within the project "Increasing the recycling rate for batteries and light bulbs in the Republic of Serbia" which is supported by the state authorities in charge of implementing legislation in this area, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Finance, Environmental Protection Agency, Inspection for Protection environment, selected LGs and public utility companies.

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