SECO for competitiveness

In 2011, the Serbian European Integration Office (SEIO) initiated a project for strengthening cooperation between the government and NGO sectors and more active inclusion of civil society organizations in the planning of development assistance, particularly programming and monitoring the use of the Instruments of Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA funds).

Within the project, NALED designated to lead a consortium of non-government organization, the so-called SECO (Sectorial Civil Society Organization) which will cooperate with SEIO in defining the national priorities and programming the IPA funds in the field of competitiveness. Together with its partners in SECO, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, the Institute for territorial economic development (InTER) and the Center for Advanced Economic Studies (CEVES), NALED formed a network of 32 NGOs interested in the field of competitiveness – involving SMEs, R&D, ICT, tourism, business infrastructure, industry and trade.


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