Known next steps in the development of information security until 2026.

The improvement of infrastructure and raising awareness about the importance of digital literacy among citizens, businesses, and public services, the digitalization of business in the public and private sectors, and the enhancement of information security are the three most important goals outlined in the Action plan of the strategy for the development of the information society and information security until 2026. A public debate will be held at the beginning of June and will last for a minimum of 20 days, during which the public will have the opportunity to become acquainted with all the details of the Action Plan, as stated at the meeting of the eGovernment Alliance.

Milan Vojvodić, Head of the Department for Regulation in the Field of Information Security at the Ministry of Information and Telecommunications, presented the key measures outlined in the Action Plan to the members of the Alliance and announced further regulatory activities of the Ministry.

- The area of improving information security is the most elaborated part, with six measures: raising awareness among citizens, public officials, and businesses, enhancing ICT systems of special importance for the implementation of protection measures, strengthening the capacities of the National CERT, the CERT of government bodies, and the CERTs of independent ICT system operators. The measures also include strengthening the capacity of inspection supervision and encouraging public-private partnerships in the field of information security," explained Vojvodić and announced that the law regulating this area will be adopted by the end of the year.

Dragana Ilić, President of the eGovernment Alliance, reminded the attendees of the ongoing and completed activities of the Alliance, emphasizing that half are already finished, while the other half are initiated or planned, focusing on smart city projects, amendments to new regulations regarding broadband infrastructure, the development of next-generation networks, and amendments to the eGovernment law.

- The Alliance will also participate in the implementation of activities from the new Action Plan of the Information Security Development Strategy, including establishing cooperation between the public and private sectors regarding the exchange of information on security incidents, peer educator training on children's internet safety, and training public officials on information security. Additionally, we will work on analyzing the state of information systems in local government units, supporting the establishment of an institutional framework, and raising awareness about the importance of information technology, digitalization, and digital literacy," emphasized Ilić.

Marko Krstić, Head of the Information Security Service and National CERT Affairs, presented the MISP platform (Malware Information Sharing Platform), developed by CERT Luxembourg and adapted to domestic needs, serving for threat information sharing.

- The platform is free and allows teams to communicate and collaborate, facilitating mutual information sharing between registered organizations. The goal is to collect and share information on current threats, vulnerabilities, cyber incidents, recommendations and protection methods, malware analysis, current frauds, and campaigns," stated Krstić and announced that online training and user manuals for the platform are planned.

Nebojša Jokić from the "Cyber Security Network" foundation, which works on improving information security in Serbia, introduced the attendees to the organization's work and the Cyber Hero program aimed at popularizing cyber security among students through special training and participation in competitions, as well as establishing cooperation with businesses.

- The program is not just a competition but also has an educational character. We strive to raise awareness among young people about the importance of this field both in our country and globally, and to encourage them to apply their knowledge and stay in their country to work here," said Jokić.

The meeting of the eGovernment Alliance was held within the project "Public Procurement and Good Governance for Greater Competitiveness," supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).

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