Employment of vulnerable groups

Project implementation period: 15/12/2015 – 31/01/2019


Foundation SOS – Children’s Villages Serbia implements a project titled "Strong Youngsters – Sustainable Social Inclusion and Economic Support for Youth at Risk" in cooperation with NALED, SAE and Social Care Center. The project goal is sustainable improvement of social and economic position of youth aged between 16 and 24 from socially and economically vulnerable groups in Belgrade. 

The project participants will be provided support in finding an organization to attend professional internship. The assignment of jobs is aligned with the level of education and previous knowledge the youngsters have, as well as their personal interests. During the project period of three years, 300 young people from three socio-economically endangered groups will benefit from the improved possibility of integration and social participation in the labor market, being able to improve their living conditions independently and in a sustainable manner.

The expected project outcomes include:

  • The development of a career development center for social-economic participation of youth from the target group,
  • Improved employability of youth for socially and economically vulnerable groups,
  • Encouraging professional development of youth to foster their independence and stimulating youth engagement in the civil society,
  • Improving leadership skills of local experts in partner institutions,
  • Piloting and licensing new offers of support in order to meet the specific social and economic needs of youth



Employment of vulnerable groups
Employment of vulnerable groups
Employment of vulnerable groups

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