[RTS] Web portal Freelancers for reporting taxes in second quarter

There are about 10,000 freelancers in Serbia, that is, that is how many of them are registered. They generate income by cooperating with natural persons, domestic or foreign, and with foreign companies.

- The moment has come for freelancers to apply for and pay tax for the first quarter according to the new model, and they would have to do it during April, but the decision was made that they can wait until the start of the portal, through which they will be able to do it electronically - says Ivan Radak from Naled.

The start of the Freelancery portal is expected in the second quarter. - Then they will be able to apply electronically for insurance, they will receive a simple payment slip, with one account, they pay one amount and thus solve all questions regarding tax obligations - explains Radak.

There will be no interest for those who report and pay taxes within 30 days from the start of the Freelancers portal. Freelancers who wish to do so can submit an application today on the existing PP OPO application or wait for the start of the portal and the new PP OPO-K application.

- The PP OPO tax return has existed for a long time and can be used by those who already want to report and pay tax for the first quarter, and the PP OPO-K is a return that will be filled in through protal. In the PP OPO report, you had to enter the code of each type of income and the number of days and hours and the basis for tax and the basis for contributions, and with the PP OPO-K the application is simpler, you only enter the amount of realized income and circle whether you want model 1 or 2 and whether you have health insurance - says Radak.

On the Freelancer portal, users will be able to assess whether they are really freelancers, or whether they can be taxed according to that model. The portal will automatically determine which option is the most favorable for the user after filling in the fields about who is the payer, what is the user's status (employed, unemployed, student, pensioner), whether he is a resident, whether he has health insurance.

You can watch the recording of the entire show at the link.

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