[N1 TV] The economic support measures lacked targeting

Željko Tomić and Jelena Rančić from NALED agreed in the „Dan uživo“ TV show that the measures to assist the economy lacked targeting. "The money should be given to those who are faced with the greater crisis, who need it the most," says Tomić.

As Rančić said, the crisis caused by the pandemic spilled over to all economies in the world.

"The scale of the crisis is estimated to be practically at the level of those from 2008, maybe even higher. The EU has enabled all member states to violate the rules on fiscal deficit, in order to assist businesses and ensure stability," she says.

Ranćić adds that success does not depend only on the size of this set, but also on the duration of the crisis. Recovery, she says, is not expected before mid-2021. According to her, the measures lacked targeting.

"It was expected in the first set, due to urgency, but maybe it should have been in the second set of measures, as there was more time for analysis and adoption of specific sectoral measures," she says.

See the rest of the news and the video in Serbian at the following link.

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