Benefits and results of the BFC SEE program

Benefits of BFC SEE program

  • Harmonizing and improving the business environment on the local and regional level through implementation of joint standard
  • Strengthening the position of certified local governments in attracting and negotiating with potential investors
  • Knowledge exchange and replication of best practices, local policies and regulatory solutions among the local governments and countries in the region and the EU
  • Strengthening the image of South East Europe as investment destination through the common seal of quality (BFC SEE)
  • Encouraging economic cooperation and exchange, recruiting new investments in the regionStrengthening competitiveness on the local and national level and ranking on international lists (fDi Financial Times, World Bank’s Doing Business)
  • Promotion of certified municipalities and brand development in country and abroad
  • Providing information to investors, governments and donors regarding local communities with greatest investment and development potential
  • Support of national and international institutions and donors
  • Electronic networking all stakeholders, data, statistics and results (e-certification)

Key results

  • More than 90 local governments from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia improve their business environment up to 70% through BFC SEE certification program.
  • Conditions for doing business in cities and municipalities with BFC SEE certificate are 76% better than in other local governments, according to „mystery shopper“ survey.
  • Financial Times included nearly 40% of certified cities and municipalities in its list of best investment destinations in Europe (fDi Cities of the Future).
  • 90% of certified cities and municipalities in the region find that having a business friendly certificate and BFC SEE seal of quality is useful or very useful.
  • 20 institutions and organizations from 5 countries participate in the BFC SEE network, thus contributing tin strengthening regional cooperation and exchange –including line ministries, chambers of commerce, associations of municipalities, development agencies, CSOs and universities.
  • BFC SEE network has developed the regional structures and strengthened the capacities of 450+ local government officers, consultants and evaluators from the SEE region, who received training on the business friendly environment standards and certification.
  • BFC SEE network has inspired new regional initiatives and implemented projects worth more than 2 million € with the support of key international institutions such as GIZ, SDC, USAID, SIDA, RCC and World Bank.