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Niš - OLEDP as an independent office for attracting investmentŠampioni.jpg

Ranking: Champion
Population: 260.237
Number of businesses: 8.901
Development level: I group
Score: 113


Independent Office for Local Economic Development and Projects (OLEDP), with more than 30 employees, has brought Niš numerous investments, as well as the title of Champion of local development in the category of Investment Promotion.

The Office was founded in 2009, while the Statute changes from 2017 made it an independent body within the city administration. It currently employs 38 people, which probably makes it the largest LED office in Serbia, and it has direct access to budget funds in the amount of around RSD 750 million. The responsibilities of OLEDP include the management of projects with full or partial external financing implemented in the territory of Niš. Its main activities include attracting investments, providing support in their realization, supporting the business community, improving the business environment, strategic planning, preparing and implementing development and infrastructure projects funded by domestic and foreign sources. In cooperation with more than 30 potential domestic and foreign investors, OLEDP offers support in the implementation of around 20 investments across the territory of Niš – construction of factories, shopping malls, office buildings and hotels. The office is currently implementing the Local Economic Development Program that will provide around RSD 120 million of budget funds for support measures towards the local business community throughout 2018. In addition, it is in charge of preparing and realizing over 30 infrastructure projects whose total value exceeds EUR 100 million.

The most significant measurable results of OLEDP’s activities include realized investments amounting to over EUR 150 million, around 10,000 jobs created in 9 newly-built factories where another 5,000 more people are expected to be employed within the next few years. Unemployment figures in Niš for 2012 stood at 36,104 persons, whereas March 2018 statistics showed that the number was 27,366 persons (decrease by about 25%). The eminent Financial Times recognized the OLEDP method of work and awarded a recognition in the category of FDI strategy (foreign direct investment) to Niš in the form of 7th place in the category of smaller European cities and third place in the category of smaller European regions.

OLDEP is working on strengthening the position of the city of Niš in the field of advanced technologies (IT, electronics, precision mechanics), improving industrial zones through changes in urba planning documents so as to prepare them for the new investments. The Office also advocates for the promotion of investment potential in Niš through cooperation with national institutions in the field of investment promotion such as NALED, Development Agency of Serbia and Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as representatives of foreign companies, chambers of commerce and embassies. OLEDP prepares an annual local economic development program that offers direct support to the local business community and small and medium enterprises.

Video on winning solution broadcast on TV Show Ovo je Srbija, RTS

Article on winning solution published in daily newspaper Politika



Vranje - Training center for employees within the Free zoneVicešampioni.jpg

Ranking: Champion
Population: 83.524
Number of businesses: 3.241
Development level: II group
Score: 109


For the innovative and sustainable Training center for employees as part of the Free zone, Vranje received the title of Vice Champion of local development in the category of Investment Promotion.

Free Zone Vranje was created with the expansion of the industrial zone in Bunuševac, encompassing around 110 hectares. Within the free zone regime, there is around 40,000 square meters of brownfield capacities as part of the Yumco company. Investors have access to all customs, fiscal and financial benefits for working in the zone’s regime, as well as a user-friendly management. As a major capital project, a bypass around the zone is currently being constructed, which will be 2.6 km long and will link the zone to Corridor 10. In order to make the location more attractive for investors, a Training center for employees and workforce development in the area of manufacturing and administration is currently being constructed – being the first of its kind in Serbia. With the construction of the training center, investors will have access to a 600 square meter manufacturing hall (for worker training), classrooms for training administrative employees, spaces for holding business conferences, expert meetings, presentations. Within one shift, it is possible to train up to 100 manufacturing workers or up 70 administrative employees. The Training center will directly influence the improvement of the educational system through student internships, implementing dual education projects, strengthening lecturer competitiveness and intensifying the connection between the business community and lecturers.

The work regime within the zone is regulated by the Law on Free Zones. The proposed solution is a good example of sustainable cooperation between the local and national government and international donors, whose innovation lies in the fact that an attractive investment location was created from a former military range that fell into disuse. The Ministry of Economy supported the construction of the bypass to the Free zone, while the European Progress supported the communal equipping of the parcel for investors and creating of software and hardware for the geographic information system for the city. 

Article on winning solution published in daily newspaper Politika


Video on winning solution broadcast on TV Show Ovo je Srbija, RTS

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