BFC SEE certification – chance for improving the conditions for doing business and investing on the local level

How to reach investors, how to improve competitiveness and the importance of the international BFC SEE certification program for cities and municipalities – these are some of the main issues discussed at the conference "Favorable business environment and increased investment", organized with the support of NALED by the Chamber of Commerce of Republika Srpska and the Business Friendly Environment Network of Republika Srpska, which consists of the Ministry of Administration and Local Government, the Ministry of Economy and Entrepreneurship and the Association of Municipalities and Cities of Republika Srpska.

NALED Executive Director Violeta Jovanović participated in the panel and talked with representatives of certified cities and ministries about the results of the BFC SEE program, best practice examples and investment potentials that can contribute to greater competitiveness of local governments in the region.

- Local communities that think about their economic progress should enter the process of BFC SEE certification, because it will help them to be more efficient in communication with businessmen and future investors, said Jovanović.

In his address, the Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Srpska, Mr. Viskovic pointed out that this gathering on Jahorina is a good opportunity to encourage everyone who is in a dilemma whether to go this way and stressed that the BFC SEE certificate is not decisive, but it is certainly a necessary condition to go further and improve business environment on the local level, and invited all local communities to join the BFC SEE Certification Program.

The Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Srpska said that the BFC SEE certification is another opportunity to work together to improve business conditions and increase investment.

The conference was attended by representatives of the Government of Republika Srpska, Prime Minister Radovan Viskovic, Minister of Administration and Local Government Senka Jujic, Assistant Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship Slobodanka Dubravac, President of the Association of Cities and Municipalities Ljubisa Cosic, mayors of certified cities and municipalities in the process, businesses and the diplomatic corps.

So far, 12 cities and municipalities have been certified in Republika Srpska, and this time the following cities and municipalities were among the winners of this prestigious award: Prijedor, Doboj, Kotor Varos, Zvornik, Teslic, Gradiska and Laktasi. Earlier, this certificate was obtained by: Banja Luka, Bijeljina, Novi Grad, Brod and Prnjavor, while currently Trebinje, Modrica, Srbac and Stanari are in the process.

The BFC SEE Program is currently being implemented in Serbia, Croatia, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the plan is to include additional economies in Southeast Europe. Within the last third edition of the standard, 60 cities and municipalities from the region of Southeast Europe passed through the program.

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