IVA joined the inspection team

As of today, reporting the shadow economy and violations of epidemiological measures has been further facilitated, as the ChatBot application of republic inspections IVA becomes available to citizens and entrepreneurs. The new service is available on the web portal of the Coordination Commission for Inspection Oversight inspektor.gov.rs and provides support in completing the online reporting form.

ChatBot IVA (Inspector Virtual Assistant) will increase the efficiency and automation of the Contact Center of Republic Inspections established in March last year. Through online conversations with customers, IVA will help avoid waiting, additional engagement of operators and analysts, as well as inspections, since the processing of numerous inadequate requests and repetitive jobs will be performed by a software application.

- In 11 months of work, almost 17,000 reports have been sent to the Contact Center and IVA will be of great help in processing all future cases. We will develop ChatBot through three phases. As part of the first phase, the application will serve to navigate and help citizens fill out an online form, and the second phase will provide initial triage of questions and submissions. The last phase involves upgrading the application, and providing information on legislation and inspection practice in order to educate the parties and reduce the number of calls, cases and petitions that are not within the jurisdiction of national inspections - says Dragan Pušara, Head of the Inspection Unit at NALED.

The reform and modernization of the inspection system was initiated in 2017 by the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Government in cooperation with NALED and with the financial and technical support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, in order to improve the work of inspectors and the overall business environment in Serbia. With the support of NALED, the Support Unit to the Coordination Commission for Inspection Oversight was established, which coordinated the comprehensive reform, covering 44 inspections in 14 ministries.

One of the key measures of the National Program for Countering Shadow Economy is the establishment and development of the Contact Center of Republic Inspections. It is an administrative point where entrepreneurs and citizens can report the shadow economy, unregistered entities and unfair competition, and irregularities or complaints about the work of inspectors, via  a web portal, telephone, e-mail and voice mail.

Out of 16,884 reports from citizens and businesses, more than 5,000 were under the jurisdiction of republic inspections, 1,270 were forwarded to local inspections, while other cases required providing of information or legal support, in some cases the reported problems were not in the jurisdiction of republic inspections or did not pose major risk, and there were also some incomplete or erroneous reports (with voicemail)). Most reports were sent to the Labor Inspectorate (1,134), the Market Inspectorate (1,061), the Tax Inspectorate (1,036) and the Sanitary Inspection (811).

Besides support in filling out the online form, a detailed list of problems, answers and possible solutions has been prepared for citizens and businesses, which will be available through the ChatBot application for the following inspections: Market Inspection, Labor Inspectorate, Tax Administration, Sanitary Inspection, Inspection for road traffic, Construction Inspection, Urban-Construction Inspection, Administrative Inspection, Agricultural Inspection, Veterinary Inspection, Education Inspection, Health Inspection, Social Protection Inspection, Tourist Inspection, Postal Services Inspection and inspections under the jurisdiction of local government units.

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