The Center for COVID-19 Measures is starting to operate

The Center for Covid-19 Measures started working on the website of the Coordination Commission for Inspection Supervision today. Within it, in addition to the latest versions of orders and decisions of the Government of Serbia, the economy can obtain accurate and reliable information on the restrictions that anti-pandemic measures require, which concern their activities and business.

Are certain facilities allowed to work, for how many hours, to what extent, with what capacity - these are the questions to which the economy will be able to get an answer from the legal team of the Center for Covid-19 measures, as well as interpretation if a measure is not clear enough and refers to their company.

The center is located at (in Serbian), where questions can be asked via the contact form, while the answers are published publicly on a daily basis.

- We expect that the Center to significantly improve the effectiveness of anti-pandemic measures and contribute to a better understanding of the measures by the economy and citizens. We also invite citizens and the economy to report violations of measures and irregular operations to the Contact Center of Republic Inspections on 011/6350322, via online form or the new Chatbot application IVA that which we launched on the site - says Dragan Pusara, head of the Inspection supervision Unit at NALED.

On the first day of work at the Center for Covid Mesures, the first questions arrived and they were most often concern about the dilemma regarding working hours in various sales facilities. Entrepreneurs - owners of bookstores, florists, optician's shops, painters, telecommunication equipment stores, etc. inquired the most about the working conditions within the new measures.

The Center for Covid-19 Measures was launched within the project of reform and modernization of the inspection system. The project was launched in order to improve the work of inspectors and the overall business environment in Serbia. It is implemented by the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Government since 2017 in cooperation with NALED and with financial and technical support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

The work of the Center is managed by the Support Unit of the Coordination Commission for Inspection Supervision. The unit was formed with the support of NALED and it coordinates the comprehensive reform of inspection supervision, which includes 44 inspections in 14 ministries.

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