Support Unit for the Coordination Commission for Inspection Oversight

Project field: Inspection oversight
Donor: EBRD
Partners: Ministry of Public Administration and Local Government
Implementation period: June 2017 - June 2020

Goals and activities
The Unit provides support and ensures sustainable operation of the Coordination Commission for Inspection Oversight and working groups, and systematically monitors the implementation of the Action plan for reform inspection. The key goals of the Unit include the capacity building of inspections, regulatory framework, digitalisation, coordination and cooperation with industry and courts.

Key results

Regulatory framework

  • Changes and amendments to the Law on Inspection Oversight adopted in December 2018
  • Adopted rulebooks, guidelines, act models
  • Adopted Conclusion on the need for aligning 78 sectorial laws with the Law on Inspection Oversight

 Inspection capacities

  • Analysis of national inspections’ capacities performed, with Action plan for the employment of 1272 inspectors for the period 2019-2021.
  • Analysis of all local governments inspections’ capacities of for performing entrusted tasks performed
  • Model of evaluation of inspectors’ work e     stablished
  • Regulation on the classification of work positions and criteria for work positions of civil servants developed and adopted by the Government

Cooperation with courts

  • Cooperation with the Association of Misdemeanor Courts Judges - implementation of plea agreement
  • Recommendations issued based on Comparative legal analysis of the second instance administrative procedure, administrative inspection and administrative dispute in the area of inspection oversight

Coordination and cooperation with businesses

  • 11 working groups established, involving representatives of businesses and civil society - business-to-inspections dialogue through open sessions
  • Organizing open sessions of the working groups for businesses and media


  • 36 national-level inspections included in the system e-Inspector
  • Unique data base established involving data on all companies and their risks

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