Increasing the recycling rate of batteries and light bulbs

Field: Environment protection
Donor: GIZ ORF - develoPPP program
Partners:  Companies Božić and Sons, E-recycling, Recyclers Association of Serbia
Implementation period:  February 2020 - December 2023

NALED initiated the project “Increasing the recycling rate of batteries and light bulbs” implemented within the scope of the develoPPP program funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development via the International Cooperation Agency (GIZ) with the purpose to improve the rate of collection and recycling of special waste flows - batteries and light bulbs, develop regulatory solutions and introduce incentives for the collection of batteries.

Batteries represent a specific type of waste which poses danger for the environment due to lead, cadmium and other toxic substances which reach the soil and evaporate into the air through improper disposal. The Environment Protection Agency data show that approximately 100 tons of light bulbs are recycled annually in Serbia, which accounts for 10% of the amount of imported light bulbs. The light bulbs are disposed together with other municipal waste, which leads to toxic substances reaching soil and water, and consequently the food chain.

Goals and activities
The project aims to raise awareness on collection and encourage adequate disposal of this type of waste. The scope of the project will analyse the regulatory framework, define recommendations to improve the framework conditions to collect and recycle batteries and light bulbs and work on raising awareness of waste generators.
One of the project goals is a 20% increase of  the collection and recycling rate for batteries and light bulbs.

  • Harmonization of policies and regulations in the area of concrete special waste flow management;
  • Drafting of a tailor-made model for the collection of batteries and light bulbs and piloting of these models;
  • A campaign for raising awareness on the importance of primary separation within households;
  • Education program for elementary schools.


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