Property Alliance selects its priorities for 2019

On Monday, 18 March, NALED's Property and Urbanism Alliance held a session discussing last year's results and the priority activities for 2019 towards further Cadaster reform, improvement of Serbia's Doing Business list ranking, enforcement and security procedure, and resolving the issues of land claimed by cooperatives

The Alliance Coordinator and Policy Advisor in NALED Jasmina Radovanović highlighted the Alliance participation in developing the Law on Real Estate Cadaster Registration and the establishing the eCounter service as the most important results achieved in 2018. Further on, the Alliance members were active in 11 working groups for amending a series of systemic regulatins, including the ones governing the process of planning and construction, land consolidation, insolvency, companies, fees and pledge right. 

The Alliance members also nominated 10 recommendations for Grey Book 11 for improving the administrative procedures for expropriation, for assigning cases to enforcers, registering real owners in the Business Registers Agency, along with the proposals for introducing electronic public procurement and eaiser registration in the Directory of lawyers. 

The session also presented the analysis of local governments' performance in issuing construction permits in 2018. During the previous year, cities and municipalities have processed nearly 100,000 construction-related applications and resolved even 85% cases positively. On the other hand, observing the average speed of issuing permits, it can be noted that they often fail to comply with the legal deadlines, while the statistics is compromised by certain local governments with evident problems in implemening the procedure.

NALED's Property and Urbanism Alliance has 31 members - businesses and local governments. 

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