Subsidized work engagement of experts from Diaspora

The international program „Migrations and Diaspora“, wit the financial and technical support of German Development Cooperation, provides an opportunity for employers to reach experts originating from Serbia who gained knowledge in Germany, through cooperation in one of the possible manners:

  • if they are interested in work engagement or
  • if they are interested in shorter cooperation for a period from three weeks to six months 

The program provides support to employers in terms of finding and liasing with the candidates, ensuring a financial support for those locally hired (in case of employment), covers the travel expenses and insurance during the stay in Serbia (in case of shorter cooperation). The idea is to have people from Serbia, who attended school or gained work experience in Germany, apply their knowledge in Serbia, regardless of whether they opted to return to Serbia or cooperate on the shorter run.

So far, the program has enabled employment of experts from various areas of work - economy, law, sociology, medicine etc.

All organizations interested in hiring young workers or affirmed experts with years of experience in Germany can send an inquiry at

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