Electronic registration and payment of signage fee via Local Tax Administration web portal

Starting from today, the Local Tax Administration portal lpa.gov.rs provides a new service - electronic registration for determining the utility fee for displaying company name (signage fee).

„This year we have made a step forward with regards to the Local Tax Administration portal, enabling another important functionality, allowing business entities to electronically submit registration for determining the utility fee for company name display - the signage fee. The use of this electronic service requires the use of qualified electronic certificate, while business entities can now finalize the entire process online, without visiting a local tax administration counter. We will certainly not stop at this, the continuous improvement of the existing services and the introduction of new ones are aimed at easing the administrative procedures, eliminate the queues, and make public administration at the service of citizens, which is one of the Government's main priorities“, said the Director of Office for IT and E-Government, PhD Mihailo Jovanović.

The electronic registration via this portal can be performed by a person authorized for this work based on the PEP form, with a qualified electronic certificate. The frequency and obligation of filing registration remains the same, in line with the local government decisions. The registration is filed for all objects in the local government territory. If a certain local government requires the registration to be filed only in case of changed information, the applicant will follow the same principle, while in case the LG requires a new registration each year (regardless of whether there were any changes), the applicants will keep submitting it once a year.

“Starting from today, business can file applications for determining the signage fee electronically, there is no need to visit the counters of all local governments they operate in, and they do not have to wait for the decision to arrive via post. They only need to log onto the system via lpa.gov.rs and submit their data, and upon insight into their liabilities, they can instantly make the electronic payment. Instead of previous two hours, everything is now finalized in 5 minutes. This saves time for local governments, which used to waste hours and hours retyping the data from paper. We expect that the World Bank will acknowledge this reform in next year's Doing Business report, and Serbia can serve as a model for other countries” - said Jelena Bojović, Policy Director in NALED.

According to her, an additional benefit is that every business can use the web portal to check the amount of current debt or surplus, and make the payments electronically. The digitalization was approached from the perspective of businesses, thus rounding up the entire electronic service, rather than just the digitalization of the registration procedure.

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