Analysis of the effects of economic assistance packages introduced to tackle the negative impact of COVID-19 on the economy

Author: Institut za razvoj i inovacije Area: COVID-19 Date: 09.12.2020. Download: Analiza_efekata_ekonomskih_mera_COVID-19.pdf

Within the project "Prepare 2 Participate" implemented by the European Policy Center, NALED and the European Western Balkans portal, a brief analysis has been made on the effects of economic assistance packages introduced to tackle the negative impact of COVID-19. The purpose of this analysis is to show the effects of the coronavirus epidemic on the Serbian economy and evaluate the economic assistance packages that have been introduced in order to reduce the negative impact of the virus on the businesses and the country's economy. The analysis is divided into five parts. The first two parts provide an overview of the status of basic macroeconomic indicators in Serbia before and after the coronavirus pandemic. The third part talks about the economic policy measures that have been introduced in order to support the economy, with a comparative analysis of the measures introduced by the countries of the European Union. The fourth part presents the micro aspect of the impact of the COVID-19 virus on the businesses, the attitudes of businesses about the measures and expectations for the future. The fifth part provides an overview of the identified problems both on the basis of the analysis of statistical data and on the basis of consultations with businesses. The complete analysis can be downloaded via the following link.

The project "Prepare 2 Participate" is financed by the Delegation of European Union in the Republic of Serbia within Civil Society Facility Programme (CSF) aimed at strengthening the democracy and the EU integration process by empowering civil society to engage more actively in decision-making. 

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