Book of recommendations of the National Convention on European Union 2020

Author: Nacionalni konvent o Evropskoj uniji, Slobodan Krstović, Jelena Rančić Area: Date: 23.07.2021. Download: Knjiga-nacionalnog-konventa-2020_Web.pdf

In mid-2021, when we summarize the results of all analyses, research and views of more than 760 members of the National Convention, we may conclude that 2020 was a hard year, both due to the pandemic, as well as the development of realtions with the EU, and particularly, Serbia's EU accession negotiation process. This was accompanied with many issues initiated in this year's Book of Recommendations of the National Convention on EU, dealing with the speed and quality of implementing reforms in Serbia, and the willingness of authorities to be efficient and quick in implementing the legal and political Europeanization of our country. 


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