NALED Assembly: Session and voting materials

Welcome to the 14th Annual Assembly and first digital session of NALED members and partners! On this page you will find key reports and decision proposals for adoption. All members and partners are invited to review the materials, join the discussion, and participate in our annual survey in order to influence NALED priorities, by Thursday at noon.

The voting right is provided to all full members of NALED according to the principle one member - one vote, meaning that only one representative per organization may vote, in this case the first one who votes on this page in any given moment from Monday, July 27 starting at 10 am, until Thursday, July 30 by the end of the day. After deciding on all items, it is necessary to click the voting button at the end of the page. The results of the voting will be presented and livestreamed via video link on July 31 at noon, within the ceremonial closing session of the Assembly.

Welcome note by the President of NALED Managing Board - Vladimir Novaković, Molson Coors

1. Proposed agenda

The proposed agenda, as every year, includes the adoption of decisions on the appointment of the Assembly Chairman, proposed program, minutes from the previous session, amendments to internal acts, activity and financial reports, action plan for the next period, discussion of other issues raised by members and ceremonial conclusion of the Assembly.


2. Decision on the appointment of the Assembly Chairman

The Managing Board proposes that this role continue to be performed by the current Chairman of the Assembly, Dragan Penezić, Head of Legal and External Affairs at BAT.


3. Minutes from the previous Assembly session

The minutes from the previous session contain details of the decisions made by the NALED Assembly in 2019, including the reports on activities and financial operations in 2018, and the decision on NALED's accession to the National Convention on the European Union.


4. Proposed amendments to the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly

The Managing Board proposes Amendments to the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly in order to specify the functioning of electronic sessions in the future.


5. Financial reports for 2019

According to the report of the BDO independent auditing company, the attached financial statements (balance sheet and balance statement) present truthfully and objectively, in all material aspects, the financial position of the Association as of 31 December, 2019 and the results of its operations for the year ended on that day, in accordance with the accounting regulations valid in the Republic of Serbia. The unallocated net surplus of revenues over expenditures accrued in 2019 amounts to 270,248.92 dinars.



Auditor's review - Ksenija Ristić Kostić, BDO

6. Report on the activities and implementation of the Strategic Plan for 2019/20

The Strategic plan's degree of implementation in 2019 is 95% - out of 180 planned activities, 132 have been fully realized (73%), 39 have been partly realized (22%), and 9 have not been realized (5%). A number of activities were realized ahead of schedule (13). With 310 members and more than 50 permanent employees in the Executive Office, NALED implemented projects and activities in the previous year aimed at improving the business environment and encouraging local economic development in the amount of 2.7 million euros.



Executive Office report and Director's note – Violeta Jovanović

7. Strategic Plan revision - Action Plan for 2020/21

Based on constant consultations with managing bodies, sectoral alliances and NALED members, membership surveys conducted in the first quarter of 2020 regarding COVID-19, consultations with donors and analyzes conducted, the Executive Office has prepared a revision of the Strategic plan, which includes amendments and elaboration of previously adopted strategic goals and the NALED Action plan for 2020 and 2021, with a special focus on mitigating the pandemic's effects on businesses and local communities.



eGovernment Alliance report – Željko Tomić, Osa inženjering

Fair Competition Alliance report – Jelena Ristić, Mastercard

Healthcare Alliance report – Una Ljubičić, Pfizer

Food and Agriculture Alliance report – Vladimir Čupić, ALTA Banka

Alliance for Environment Protection report - Jelena Kiš, Ball Packaging Europe

Alliance for Property and Urbanism report - Aleksandra Trešnjev, Komora izvršitelja Srbije

The quorum is determined based on the number of Assembly members that registered electronically and voted on NALED Platform. For decision-making, the Assembly should be attended by at least a third of the total number of full members.