Nataša Sekulić selected as the Best Member of NALED for 2018

On Thursday, 6 September at the Royal Palace, NALED organized its traditional Spetember gathering of members and partners. On this occasion, the attending members voted and selected Nataša Sekulić, Regional Direktor of IBM and the first President of E-Government Alliance, as the Best Member of NALED for 2018. 

NALED Executive Office and the Managing Board selected and nominated three out of 300 members, one representative from private, public and civil sector each, considered to have invested selfless efforts to contribute towards developing our organization and membership, strenghtening NALED's reputation and promoting our common values. Other nominees for the Best Member award were Ninoslav Erić, Mayor of Ćuprija and a member of NALED Executive Board and Rodoljub Živadinović, President of Beekeeping Association of Serbia. Even though all three candidates were considered winners for the Executive Office, the attending members voted during the evening and selected Nataša as the best among equals. Take a look at the nominated candidates' profiles on the following link.

“The first lady of IT industry and the first President of NALED’s E-Government Alliance, over a period of two years she helped the Alliance grow from the initial 20 members to a family of 50 companies and local governments united around a common goal – an efficient, electronic public administration. Though being responsible for IBM operations in the markets of Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania, Nataša is always willing to invest her time and personal efforts, both within the Alliance and “in the field” – side by side with the Executive Office. She is an active fighter for the strengthening of local governments’ security networks,” said Violeta Jovanović, NALED Executive Director, also stressing Nataša's expert contribution in developing the new legislative framework for e-business and e-government, hence opening the door to paperless administration.

We once again congratulate all nominated candidates for their efforts in making us better by acting together.

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