The first session of the Alliance for eGovernment held in 2022

The establishment of the Local eGovernment Index, promotion of cashless payment methods through the "Better Way" initiative, digitalization of the health system, the establishment of a central database of planning documents, are part of ongoing projects the Alliance for eGovernment is actively working on, as concluded on their first session in 2022. 

The coordinator of the Alliance, Ana Milovanović, presented NALED's efforts in the field of e-government development in the last few months. Among them, is the currently implemented establishment of the Local eGovernment Index (LEI), as well as others. 

- We are especially satisfied with current activities when it comes to the LEI project that will measure the degree of digitalization and development of eGovernment in cities and municipalities, with the results presented on the website Also, in the past period, we have held two cycles of training and workshops for public and private sector entities for the use of eInvoices, with almost 2,000 participants. We also managed to start a series of technical training for system administrators in local self-governments - Milovanović explains. 

The session also focused on digitalization activities in various areas where NALED is working to improve the regulatory framework for business, such as the economy, health, and judiciary system. 

The Head of the Competitiveness Unit, Marko Danon, presented the "Better Way" initiative, which is being implemented in cooperation with Visa and Mastercard, with the financial support of GIZ. "The goal of the Initiative is to promote the cashless payment method, by distributing 25,000 POS terminals to small businesses and public institutions with benefits within the first year of use," said Marko Danon. 

Among the priorities is also the digitalization of the health care system, which NALED is working on, primarily through the participation in the adoption of the new Digitalization Program in the health care system 2022-2026. as well as the Action Plan for this and the following year. Also, the eHealth portal was presented. 

The eProstor project was presented at this year's session, with the aim of establishing a central database of planning documents, as well as the eProstorr portal, which would contain all relevant information regarding the conditions of space use in Serbia for all existing legal regimes. Currently, the Post of Serbia is working on the establishment of two electronic services - ePismonoša (qualified electronic delivery service) and eNotar. 

Project ideas concerning the digitalization of the judiciary system were also presented, including the establishment of electronic delivery and new electronic procedures, the establishment of an electronic archive for all documents in the judiciary, the establishment of electronic records and bulletin boards, and the introduction of electronic communication in enforcement proceedings. 

This year's session of the Association for eGovernment was attended by the President of the Association, Zeljko Tomic, the General Manager of OSA Computer Engineering. Instead of Aleksandar Blagojević, manager of the digital branch office at OTP bank, Bojan Pokrajac, the director of the digital and online sales channels department at the same company, will perform the function of the vice president.

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