Modern technologies locally - trainings for local governments

In October, NALED, with the cooperation and support of the global technology company Yandex, conducted a cycle of training on the topic of modern technologies for mayors and officials from local governments. The trainings were organized in three terms (October 11, 20 and 26) and on three very important topics today: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Information Security and Data Protection, Smart Cities Concept. The mentioned events sparked great interest among representatives of local governments, with 37 officials from 22 cities and municipalities taking part in the trainings.

Experts from company Yandex Ivan Čerevko and Aleksandar Bolkhovitjanov first presented global practices and examples, while the current situation and challenges in Serbia in the mentioned areas were presented by NALED Executive Office - Irena Đorđević Šušić, Jelena Mićić and Ana Milovanović. The participants were particularly interested in the implementation of artificial intelligence-based solutions and "smart solutions" in their environments, so they focused their questions during the discussion on the challenges they face, such as financial and personnel problems. Particular attention was drawn to examples from the world and comparative practices such as the Yandex application "Maps", which offers citizens various options for navigation and finding their way around cities.

In addition, a particularly important topic discussed was information security and data protection, especially in light of the presentation of the new draft Law on Information Security and the need for harmonization with the European directive in this area.

At the end, all participants were given certificates for successfully attending the training, and they also had the opportunity to tour the new premises of Yandex. The trainings were conducted within the project "Implementation of training for public servants" implemented by NALED, with the support of Yandex.

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