GoS and NALED testing the safety of local information systems

The safety of information systems does not rank high on the list of priorities on the local level, as shown by the results of a survey involving a sample of 63 local governments, indicating that nearly one in two local governments do not have an Act on Information Safety, while even 71% do not have the mechanisms to control the outflow of information. Eight out of ten LGs do not organize any training or activities for raising awareness about information safety, while two thirds have not performed an analysis to estimate the safety of their systems. 

The results of the survey conducted within the project “Protection of personal data and information safety on the local level” have been presented on Thursday, 20 September 2018, within the international conference on cyber criminal and information safety “Connect safely!” at the Palace of Serbia.

Head of Competitiveness Unit in NALED Dragana Ilić, the Director of the Office for IT and E-government Mihailo Jovanović and Business Development Manager in company SAGA Darko Ćalasan presented the project within the panel dedicated to best practices of public-private partnership in the field of information safety. 

The project stipulates the evaluation of the quality of citizens' data protection on the local level and elimination of weaknesses which could cause misuse of information in case of hackers' attacks. This is the so-called “ethical hacking” conducted by experts in information safety in cooperation with the local government officials. Such controlled attacks serve to analyze the weak points of the information system. After the tests, the local governments will receive a detailed report with recommendations for mitigating the risks.

The project “Protecting personal information and information safety on the local level” is implemented by NALED and the Office for IT and E-Government with the support of the members of E-Government Alliance, companies Asseco SEE, Saga, IBM, SBS, Comtrade, KPMG and SAP.

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