UniCredit Foundation allocates 3 million EUR for the “Call for education 2023”

UniCredit Foundation, in line with its goal of unlocking the potential of Europe's next generation, launches the Call for education 2023 to support programs dealin with education challenges in all countries the Group operates in (excluding Bulgaria and Romania where the Call has already been successfully implemented).

For this initiative, which includes Serbia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia and Slovenia, the UniCredit Foundation will allocate a total contribution of three million euros with the aim of identifying and supporting programs for schools, i.e. for students (aged 11-19), which are implemented by non-profit organizations, with special attention to:

  1. resolving early school drop-out,
  2. getting university education,
  3. acquiring adequate skills for entering the labor market.

Non-profit organizations can apply via platform dedicated to the Call by 8 September 2023.

By the end of October 2023, a specially formed Evaluation Commission will select approximately 20 winning projects, also determining the amount of support.

To download the Rulebook on the Call for Education 2023, click HERE.  (Call for Education 2023)

Additional information and clarifications can be sought via info@unicreditfoundation.org and pr@unicreditgroup.rs.


Andrea Orcel, Chairman of the Executive Board of the UniCredit Foundation, said: "Education is a fundamental driving force for the future of Europe, and I firmly believe that, as a European institution, it is our responsibility to consistently identify and support young talent in the communities in which we operate, because it will to lay the foundations for the progress and success of our continent in the years to come. That is why I am proud to announce the "Call for education 2023", which includes 10 countries where we are present. This initiative is perfectly aligned with the Group's commitment to constantly provide our communities with the opportunity to progress and improve themselves in social aspects, in line with the ESG strategy and the Bank's strategic plan".

Nikola Vuletić, President of the Executive Board of UniCredit Bank Serbia, pointed out: "At UniCredit Bank, education is one of the key postulates of our business, because we believe that today's influence and empowerment of youth education creates a favorable tomorrow for all of us." I am pleased that our bank in Serbia is part of this project of the UniCredit Foundation, especially considering that years ago we managed to provide support to various non-profit organizations throughout our country in this way."

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