New NALED members in the second half of 2022

NALED is very pleased to present new members from the ranks of business and local governments, who joined the membership in the second half of 2022.

NALED's mission of encouraging economic development through reforms for improving the business environment was joined by IQVIA, a world leader in the use of data, technology, advanced analytics and human expertise with the primary goal of improving health care; Digital Transformation Europe, a global company operating in the field of cloud computing and digital transformation that optimizes and modernizes industries and people's lives as a technological driver for both the physical and digital world, and the international company Zumtobel Group based in Austria, involved in creating innovative lighting solutions, manufacturing lamps and accompanying components, and offering a wide range of services. Among local governments, NALED was joined by the municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi, recognizable for its famous spa Ždrelo and its cultural and historical heritage.

Two respectable institutions also joined NALED membership: the Accreditation Body of Serbia and the Institute for the Application of Nuclear Energy - INEP. The Accreditation Body of Serbia is a state institution that deals with accreditations for businesses, determining the competence of the conformity assessment body to perform the following tasks: testing; calibration; controlling; certification of products, processes and services; management system certifications; certification of persons; proficiency testing. INEP is a modern scientific and educational institution, with a unique national and internationally recognized and recognizable identity. The Institute's strategic commitment is to constantly improve the level and scope of research activities, the production of immuno-diagnostic agents, as well as the provision of laboratory services. The Institute continuously works on the acquisition of modern equipment for research in science, rejuvenation of the research staff, as well as on equipping laboratories for production and analytical activities.

Welcome, as #TogetherWeMakeADifference!

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